New Coffee Mugs

  • Happy Day – Left Handed Mug

  • Happy Day – Right Handed Mug

  • Be Happy – Left Handed Mug

  • Be Happy – Right Handed Mug

  • Dick Punch – Left Handed Mug

  • Dick Punch – Right Handed Mug

  • Surrounded By Idiots – Left Handed Mug

  • Surrounded By Idiots – Right Handed Mug

  • Happy Pandas – Left Handed Mug

  • Happy Pandas – Right Handed Mug

New Men’s Tees & Tanks

  • SOFA Gift Card

  • Focus Men’s Tee

  • Hustle Men’s Tank

  • Hustle Men’s Tee

  • Watercolour Skull

  • I Love Dad

  • Grumpy Old Bastard

  • Irregardless

  • Hola Beaches

  • Pura Fucking Vida

New Women’s Tees & Tanks

  • Focus Women’s Tee

  • SOFA Gift Card

  • Watercolour Skull

  • Irregardless Women’s Tank

  • Irregardless Women’s

  • People Watching Women’s

  • People Watching Women’s Tank

  • Hola Beaches Women’s Tank

  • Hola Beaches Women’s

  • Pura Fucking Vida Women’s Tank

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About Sons of Awesome

Sons of Awesome was founded in 2015 in Calgary, Alberta and ships awesome t-shirts all over the world. We make some of the coolest pop-culture, snarky, and downright abrasive t-shirts available. We’ve also created an awesome coffee themed collection with great t-shirts, tank tops iPhone cases and coffee mugs. All of our t-shirts and tank tops use only the highest quality, softest shirts available – we guarantee no saggy necklines or puffy, wingy sleeves. All of our t-shirts are printed on an amazing tri-blend blank that’s super soft and super comfortable, you won’t find a nicer t-shirt anywhere! We’d love to hear what think – reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!
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