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  • Totally Awesome Babies!

    Babies deserve an awesome t-shirt too! Check out our new line of baby onesies – absolutely perfect for the smart-ass baby in your life. Available in Sizes 3-6, Sizes 6-12, Sizes 12-18 and Sizes 18-24. Our onesies are designed for maximum comfort and made of either 100% fine ring-spun cotton or a 90-10 cotton/polyester blend. The 1×1 rib knit ensures a smooth …

  • A coffee table with a little but of lift

    Designer Stelios Mousarris has created the ultimate Rocket Coffee Table for design offices, man caves and evil genius lairs. Whether you see the rocket shaped table bases as ICBMs hell bent on world destruction, rockets containing interplanetary explorers, or even science experiments to further human knowledge, they look cool as hello.

  • Have We Reached Peak Coffee?

    There’s a bit of a controversy brewing (no pun intended) in Australia involving how far coffee fanatics go to get the ultimate latte. Writer Jamila Rizvi walked into a Melbourne coffee shop and ordered a latte she was expecting a standard latte in a cup. Instead, she waited 20 minutes and received something that looks more …

  • Sons of Awesome Featured on I Waste So Much Money!

    Word keeps on getting out! We’re thrilled to be featured on our favourite cool stuff blog on the web – I Waste So Much Money! Check out our profile and let us know what you think. There’s so much cool stuff on this website, be prepared to waste hours and hours scrolling, clicking and dreaming. Click here to …

  • Awesome Handmade Mugs from Brownell Ceramics

    Check out these stunning porcelain tableware and sculptural vessels, hand made by Steven Brownell Hall in Mountain Ranch, CA. The espresso mugs are especially amazing, even the handles are beautiful AND usable. One thing that makes me crazy is coffee cup handles that are too small to grab with your fingers, so you burn yourself as the cup slides out of …

  • 11 Reasons Coffee Is Good For You

    There are a lot of coffee haters out there who insist that a good cup of coffee is just plain terrible for you. Don’t trust them, they have no idea what they’re talking about. Seriously, walk away. This great article – 11 Reasons Coffee is a Healthy Drink – from Mule Ties talks about the health benefits …

  • The Monet of Latte Art

    Latte art has become a very popular way for gourmet coffee shops to distinguish themselves from the Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds coffee offerings that have sprung up on every street corner and highway off ramp. It’s also a great way for aspiring home baristas to practice their craft. But Mason Salisbury, who goes by “ibrewcoffee” on Instagram …

  • These People May Be A Bit Confused

    English language shirts are incredibly popular in Asia. Unfortunately for these poor shoppers the people who made these shirts don’t really have a good grasp of the English language. Or maybe they do and that’s part of the joke. Either way, some are hysterical, some are sad and some are shockingly racist – I’m talking about you #15. Consider this link …

  • 27 Suit Rules Every Man Should Know

    Unfortunately you can’t always wear a t-shirt. There are some occasions where you’d just look like an asshole if you showed up wearing a t-shirt and your favourite jeans. The way I see it, if you’re going to wear a suit, you might as well kill it when you do. Sure the fit of a …

  • Sons of Awesome Featured on I Love Your T-Shirt!

    Word is getting out – this is going to be awesome! We’re honoured (and thrilled) to be featured on our favourite t-shirt blog on the web – I Love Your T-Shirt! Check out our profile and let us know what you think. The site is an awesome place to visit and just look at t-shirts all …

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